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TC Electronic PowerCore Compact DSP-Soundkarte (Firewire Effektgerät T.C.)

TC Electronic PowerCore Compact DSP-Karte
TC PowerCore Compact DSP Audio / Sound Prozessor Firewire (für PC und Mac) OVP

Wir haben wegen Systemumstieg die T.C. PowerCore Extension Soundkarte (mit DSP CHIPS) abzugeben.
Das Gerät ist neuwertig in Originalverpackung und kommt mit sehr vielen installierten Plugins.

Erweiterungen wie zB. der Access Virus, einige Plugins, etc. sind verfügbar.

* Portable DSP Platform
* 2x 150 MHz DSPs
* 2x 512 kWords S-RAM
* enthält 12 TC PlugIns, optional erweiterbar
* unterstützt 24 Bit/96 kHz
* Anbindung per FireWire 400

+UK und EU Stecker!

The PowerCore Concept
PowerCore is a superior range of high-end plug-ins that run on tailor-made hardware. The range covers any need that you might have, and in a quality that you’ve probably not been used to with other VST and AU compatible plug-ins. From basic tools like reverbs, EQs, compressor/expanders, chorus/delays, over plug-ins that are dedicated to the voice, sporting pitch correction and Voice Modeling™, to some of the very best tools on the market, like the Restoration Suite and the “System 6000 for PowerCore” plug-ins. On top of that there are renowned synths like the V-Station from Novation and the fantastic Virus|PowerCore by Access.

The Doorway to the Best Sounding DAW Processing
If you work with a computer, this is the best sounding processing you can get outside of the range of top-of-the-line hardware products. To get access to the PowerCore plug-ins you need a piece of PowerCore hardware. You can choose between PowerCore Compact, PowerCore FireWire, PowerCore PCI mkII and PowerCore Express to get a selection of great plug-ins included with the hardware, and then add plug-ins as you please from the wide selection of optional plug-ins. You can also compile your own PowerCore package of optional plug-ins by choosing PowerCore Unplugged. The PowerCore platform is not only a doorway to the high quality TC processing tools, but also to a wide range of plug-ins from renowned 3rd party developers like Sony Oxford, TC-Helicon and NovelTech to name a few.

Complete Integration
All production tasks have moved into the computer – from MIDI and audio recording to mixing, effects and even instruments. Users demand total integration with their favorite music and film editing applications. By combining native applications with TC-quality effects and versatile tailor-made hardware options, PowerCore makes true integration possible. The platform integrates with virtually any VST and AU based digital audio workstation for Mac or PC.

Audio Integrity by Design
TC Electronic is renowned throughout the world for its hardware processors, and naturally the same level of quality is inherent in the PowerCore hardware and software. PowerCore plug-ins run on their own hardware, securing consistent and high quality performance that is independent of native system and application choice. PowerCore’s software and hardware are tailor-made for each other giving you the very best performance. As a concerned professional, however, you should still check the integrity and headroom of your integrated signal path in an effort to avoid ear fatiguing desktop productions. More information about this issue can be found in the Tech Library at the TC website.

Key Features:
* High quality plug-ins included with PowerCore Compact, FireWire, PCI mkII and Express
* With no bundled plug-ins PowerCore Unplugged gives you the flexibility to compose your own palette of plug-ins
* Continuous development of new optional plug-ins
* Open platform with a growing number of 3rd party developers
* Choice between PCI MkII, Express, Unplugged, Compact or FireWire version
* Windows and Mac OS X support
* VST and AU support
* Multiple PowerCore units can be used in one system
* 24/96 supported

The Best from Both Worlds – in 5 Different Flavors
PowerCore combines the best features from the world of hardware with ultimate processing from the world of software. With PowerCore you get the superior sound of hardware and the total integration that software has to offer – you might say that PowerCore is the sound of hardware perfectly integrated with any VST or AU environment. On top of that you get exclusive access to the best tools in the business, not only from TC Electronic, but also from a growing number of 3rd party developers. With 5 different flavors to choose from, we’ve given you the ultimate freedom to pick and tailor your setup to your needs.

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