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2x Ruckus VF2111 MediaFlex NG Wireless WiFi WLAN Bridge Sender/Empfänger Einheit

Ruckus VF2111 MediaFlex NG Wireless Sender/Empfänger Einheit

Wireless Übertragung/Bridge für Netzwerk Signale
Perfekt für Voip, Internet, Längere Strecken ohne Kabel oder auch IPTV

Product Details, Pricing and Availability
The Ruckus MediaFlex NG system includes a five-port multimedia 802.11b/g router (VF2825) and a one-port multimedia adapter (VF2111).

The MediaFlex NG router is specifically designed to deliver continuous high-performance, video-grade wireless networking. The system is capable of simultaneously supporting three to four standard definition MPEG-2 video streams or one to two high definition video streams, providing 15-25 Mbps of sustained video throughput to any corner of a 3,000 square foot home.

The MediaFlex NG adapter is designed to provide reliable, high performance wireless connectivity to IP-enabled multimedia devices such as set top boxes or gaming consoles that do not offer native Wi-Fi support. The MediaFlex NG adapter is one of the most sensitive Wi-Fi receivers on the market with the ability to reliably receive Wi-Fi signals down to -100 dBm.

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